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Give safe drinking water to those who need it most.
Donate on or before March 22, World Water Day and help save lives. 
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Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink.

The Philippines is home to some of the world's best beaches. Water flows through and surrounds this archipelago of 7,641 islands.

But with all this water...

2.3 million Filipinos use unclean surface water for drinking. Another 6.1 million source it from unprotected dug wells. That's 8.4 million Filipinos with no access to safe drinking water. Why?

Only 10% of the population is connected to sewage systems, making water sources polluted and undrinkable. The cost of connecting to water utility services represents 3 months' income for poor families. Inaccessibility to safe drinking water results in water-borne diseases. The poor cannot afford safe drinking water...

There is an urgency to provide for this basic human right. 

PLUS: The Philippines is visited by at least 20 tropical cyclones a year. Five of these are potentially destructive...


Local DRRMO, NGOs and Churches need to respond quickly to rescue and provide safe drinking water within 24 hrs of a calamity or emergency. 

WATER+LIFE provides solutions to bring safe drinking water quickly during calamities and emergencies, without requiring the logistics and expense of transporting bottled water. WATER+LIFE also provides solutions to help provide safe drinking water to the marginalized, bringing down their cost from P30-P45 per 5-gallon container to less than half on a sustainable basis!

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